Tuesday, July 05, 2011

a few things

we are currently puppy sitting this little guy. his name is monty and we've been minding him regularly for a few years now. his real owners are currently overseas somewhere warm and i'm very jealous, but at least i get a cute little puppy to play with while they're gone.

the lovely doolittle magazine has used my photo from the diana world tour exhibition in their magazine and they kindly sent me a copy of it. if only i could read french! but it's the first time one of my photo has appeared in a printed magazine so it's quite exciting for me!

i also treated myself to a copy of nick cave's king ink (as well as about 30 other books... oops!) because i found an affordable copy online (i.e. one that was considerably less than the $300 that it can go up to on amazon). if you're not a nick cave fan you probably won't know it, but the name of this blog is from a nick cave & the bad seeds song and king ink is a collection of some of his lyrics, poems and short plays.


  1. omg monty is adorable! and congrats on dolittle! that's so lovely. i wish i'd been at the diana exhibition, i'm too jealous for words.

    i'm obsessed with the way you take photographs, your editing/lighting(not sure which creates the colours) is amazing!

  2. Awww what a cutie little Monty is <3

    Congratulations on getting your work published that is a wonderful achievement xoxo

  3. that is amazing that magazine featured your pic, congratulations! your photos from the diana exhibition were some of my favourites when you originally uploaded them to flickr. i have just acquired a diana mini, not entirely sure i've loaded the film correctly. i suppose i will find out soon enough if i have!!

  4. Go you! sorry I am so late but I had no idea that you had this blog or that your photo was published in a magazine! how exciting :) always a big fan of yours xx

  5. thank you so much everyone, i'm really happy to have my photo published as well. :) xxx