Monday, June 20, 2011


last week i went with a few friends to see hairspray at the lyric theatre in darling harbour. as you can see, i did my hair in a beehive for the occasion. i had a great night and i loved seeing the musical. lots of guys with super attractive hair and lots of girls with super cute dresses - right up my alley! though obviously i couldn't take photos of the actual production so i recommend that you go and see it for yourself if you live in sydney. we also went to pancakes on the rocks before the show - dessert/breakfast for dinner, what more could you ask for?

i also spent the best part of today tweaking my blog and trying to figure out the best way to follow other blogs and keep in touch with people on here. i've been using google reader to keep track of the blogs i read for a while now, but i'm considering making the move to bloglovin' since a lot of people seem to use it. hmm.


  1. love your 'hive and eyeliner! I'm also now craving pancakes...mmm...

    I started following using Bloglovin, that's my preferred reader.

  2. great blog :)

    i use blogger and bloglovin; to follow blogs, but I prefer blogger because I can see who's following - unless there's a way to do that on bloglovin' that I haven't figured out yet! x

  3. thank you both of you! i think i'll just use both of them for the time being until i figure out which one i prefer. :) x

  4. How did you do that beehive?! You should do a tutorial!!

  5. i definitely chose those exact pancakes when i went there for dinner! ;)

  6. a lot of teasing and hairspray! hahaha. i might do a tutorial actually, there's a bunch on youtube already but it would be fun to do. :)

    & how good are the pancakes! ahhh, you can ask for extra sauce on the side and they give it to you for free! :D