Tuesday, July 19, 2011

magical times in the gryffindor common room

as always i find myself falling behind with the blogging/internet world because my real life is so busy these days. but last tuesday night some friends and i got together for a harry potter party before going to see harry potter & the deathly hallows part one at the cinemas at 9pm and the deathly hallows part two at the midnight screening. not everyone dressed in costume (i went as dolores umbridge but didn't manage to get any flattering photos of myself so i'm just not posting any) so i've only got photos of the ones who did, but we all had an amazing night!

before we went to the screening of part one we all got together and watched harry potter parodies on youtube, answered questions from a harry potter quiz book and listened to the soundtracks while, of course, eating all the amazing harry related food my friends made! including pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes (filed with caramel sauce and chocolate mousse), liquorice wands, acid pops, cockroach clusters, every flavour beans and chocolate frogs. clearly i have the coolest friends in the whole world and we had the best night together. :)


  1. this looks amazing!!! its so imaginative and it's photographed so well x

  2. this is brilliant! everything is so creative and clever, i especially love the take on 'chocolate frogs' haha! sad i didn't get to see your umbridge outfit though! ;)

  3. love this! your pics are so amazing! love your blog as well! i am your new loyal follower! hope you check mine out, its also pretty new-


    Meena xxxx

  4. gorgeous photos as always ;) and sounds like a lovely time

  5. Aw, how fun! All the costumes look great, and I love how you had themed snacks too.

    I'm loving all of the Harry Potter posts from everyone lately! I'm so sad there isn't another book or film to look forward to *sniffles*

  6. OMG! I am sooo jealous! Wish I could have come to that party! Amazing images!

  7. Nice blog!

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  8. The latest hp parody I watched was the "Harry Potter in 99 seconds". Check that one out if you haven't already..

    And I loved the assortment of food and costumes. :)

  9. Nice shots! Love it! :D
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